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Dark, deep and chest-thumping. Dive into the deep end with the Out Late mix-tapes, an example of the type of club sets Yellit plays.

Out Late vol 1 (Mobile).png

Out Late vol. 1 - Tech House

An hour mix of Tech House and Minimal.
Enjoy! -Yellit.

Up Late vol 2 (Mobile).png

Out Late vol. 2 - Tech House

An hour mix of Tech House.
Enjoy! -Yellit.

Out Late vol. 3 - Bass House

An hour mix of grungy, delicious bass.
Enjoy! -Yellit.

Out Late vol 4 (Mobile).png

Out Late vol. 4 - Bass House

An hour mix of groovin’ Brazilian bass. Plenty of your favourites flipped and remixed.
Enjoy! -Yellit.

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Chilled and easy to vibe to. The Easy Beats showcase some of Yellit’s softer side. House tracks with plenty of vocals to kick back with.

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Easy Beats vol. 1 - The Funk House

An hour mix of funky, soul and tribal house. Enjoy! -Yellit.

Easy beats vol 2 (Mobile).png

Easy Beats vol. 2 - The Vocals

An hour mix of vocal house and future house.
Enjoy! -Yellit.

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Big, energetic tunes. The Raise the Roof mixes are made to get you pumped up, with tracks ranging the spectrum of House music, this is one sure way to light that fire.

Raise The Roof vol 1 (Mobile).png

Raise the Roof vol. 1 - Dark to Light

A 90 minute party-starter - tonnes of big tunes, and bigger remixes. Enjoy! -Yellit.

Raise The Roof vol 2 (Mobile).png

Raise the Roof vol. 2 - Bigger Still

An hour mix of massive, in-your-chest, tunes.
Enjoy! -Yellit.