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dj / producer


Yellit is an Australian dj and producer

Originally from Sydney, Yellit has lived all across the east-coast of Australia, as well as in Europe and Asia. His exposure to new cities and cultures has enriched his musical interests, and built the foundations for the bass-pumping sets he plays.

Yellit is predominantly a Club DJ, best described as an open-format DJ. His music style and inspiration for his sets are drawn from a fusion of all things old and new. Generally focussing on House music in all its forms, Yellit will take you on a thrilling journey through the electronic music scene. Yellit’s sets weave between the hard-hitting new-age dance genres of Electro House, Future House, Dutch House and Moombahton, and the grungy underground scenes of Bass House, Deep House and Tech House. His synth-laden, bass-heavy approach provides the perfect excuse to lose control.


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Want good music? Check out Yellit's Boombox. Yellit releases a regular podcast showcasing the latest and greatest, as well as his top selections in electronic music.



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